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Manufacturers - MetOcean

MetOcean Telematics, Inc. designs and manufactures drifting buoys, environmental platforms, and the world-renowned NOVATECH locator beacon product line.  MetOcean's polar platforms include sensor systems for both meteorological and oceanographic parameters. MetOcean’s drifting buoy family consists of: environmental and weather monitoring systems, oil-spill response drifters, search and rescue drifters, and NOVA profiling floats. 


MetOcean Telematics also provides Iridium  satellite services with complete end-to-end telematics products.  The WOCE category of buoys included: Iridium SVP [iSVP], iSPHERE, ARGOSphere, SLDMB and iSLDMB. MetOcean has achieved an ISO 9001 certification is one of the few manufacturers in the world manufacturers of oceanographic, meteorological and military systems in the world to have received this internationally recognized quality registration.

2021 Improvements

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