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Ocean Sonics Smart Hydrophones

The flagship icListen HF is recognized as the new standard in broadband digital marine acoustics. Use it to stream data, log data, or both. Instrument bandwidth is 10 Hz to 200 kHz. Lower bandwidths can be selected. Optional 1.0 Hz low frequency cutoff available for deep water applications.

The ultra-low noise icListen AF(L) is used for earthquake and tsunami monitoring, landslide and subsea volcano detection, vessel monitoring, and low power deep-water projects. 

Each hydrophone is shipped in a field case, with power adapter, 3.75 m test cable, dummy plug, connector lubricant and USB drive containing the calibration certificate and a selection of software, including a 30-day full evaluation of Lucy.


Connect two or more icListen Smart Hydrophones together to synchronize them, creating an acoustic array.

Other ways to synchronize them is to connect them to a PPS from a GPS, or the IEEE 1588 Precision Timing Protocol PPS output. This lets you create arrays that are spread over a large area, or difficult to connect by cable.

Calibrated Sound Sources

The icTalk Smart Projector is an all-in-one projector that produces a complex range of tones and sweeps. It can be set up by an operator once, and used indefinitely after that, requiring only occasional charging of its battery.

This calibrated instrument outputs sounds over the 10 kHz to 200 kHz range, giving more than 3 octaves of flat response and low distortion. Peak output is 140 dB re.1uPa @1m.

The small hand-held device runs for days on its internal battery, or power it through its data cable. Users can create custom sounds with the combination of tones, sweeps & pauses available.

Lucy PC Software

Looking for a way to visualize your acoustic data?


Lucy is a PC program that lets you view and interact with data collected by icListen Smart Hydrophones. Lucy displays real-time waterfall and time-series data. Lucy’s waterfall display lets you make accurate measurements from recorded or live data.


Benefits of the Lucy Software:

  • Connects to all icListen Smart Hydrophone products and reconfigures the display to match the instruments features.

  • You can control the data collection options on your icListen Smart Hydrophone

  • Gather real-time acoustic data from icListen and view in a waterfall display.

  • View waveform and waterfall at the same time.

  • The colour waterfall display is flexible, making it easy to detect even small changes in measured sound, and make absolute measurements.

  • View data more clearly by filtering data using Lucy’s noise cancelling tool.

  • Examine data libraries using Replay tools. Users on-shore can view data using the same software. Let them change the noise cancellation properties, or, import data into a spreadsheet.

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