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Slick Sleuth SS100

The Slick Sleuth® SS100 is designed for installation in aboveground storage tank (AST) facilities, oil terminals, equipment rooms, or anywhere early oil leak and spill detection is needed. Detects a broad range of oil types on water and on dry ground—including spills, slicks, and sheens in tank dikes, sumps, oily water separators, mixing/dispatch points, loading racks, and storm water drainage and discharge points.

Oil detection sensors can be used at single points or in a system array to continuously monitor for accidental leaks and spills.

  • Detection range up to 1 m above surface

  • Typically used in storage tank and terminal facilities

  • SS100-EXd for hazardous gas areas that require Ex certification

  • Enclosure rated for hazardous gas area installation

  • 4-20 analog and alarm relay outputs for interface with PLCs and facility DCSs

  • Serial outputs and optional wireless connectivity

Slick Sleuth SS300

The Slick Sleuth® SS300 is designed for deployment in rugged settings such as offshore, coasts, harbors, inland waterways, industrial spillways, over sumps and separators, retention ponds and other environments where oil spills are of concern. The Slick Sleuth SS300 is ideal for the detection of oil leaks and spills on fresh, brackish, or saltwater or over ground, concrete, and solid surfaces.

Easily installed 1–5 meters above the water (or dry surface), the SS300 has no contact with any potential contaminants. The non-contact technology eliminates problems such as aquatic and marine bio-fouling or problems associated with debris or other contaminants, assuring continuous operations and minimal maintenance.

    •    Detection range up to 5 m above surface

    •    Used for a wide variety of industrial and marine applications

    •    SS300-EXd for hazardous gas areas that require Ex certification

    •    4-20 analog and alarm relay outputs for interface with industrial PLCs and facility DCSs

    •    Serial outputs and optional wireless connectivity

    •    Most popular and versatile system available in the market today

Slick Sleuth SS320

The Slick Sleuth® SS320 is specifically designed for applications requiring extended range sensor-to-surface oil leak and spill detection. The SS320 has an effective detection range of up to 10 meters and is ideal for installation on piers, over underground discharge channels, manhole access shafts, deep sumps and pits, at oil transfer facilities, on offshore structures, and on other elevated installation points where extended oil detection range is required.

The SS320 can be easily mounted over water or dry surfaces. The non-contact sampling methodology eliminates maintenance associated with contaminants, aquatic growth, and fouling due to debris, ice, or oily residue. Oil detection sensors may be operated as stand-alone systems or as networked arrays for seamless integration to end user’s acquisition system.

  • Detection range up to 10 m above surface

  • Typically used for pier installation at marine terminals

  • SS320-EXd for hazardous gas areas that require Ex certification

  • 4-20 analog and alarm relay outputs for interface with PLCs and DCSs

  • Serial outputs and optional wireless connectivity

  • Powder-coated stainless housing with optical window and watertight fittings for added protection in marine environment

SS300-EXd / SS320-EXd  Hazard Gas Areas

Slick Sleuth systems are used in a wide variety of industrial and environmental applications for real-time detection of oil leaks and spills at refineries, terminals, power plants, airports, and other industrial facilities where early warning spill detection and control is needed. Should a leak or spill occur, Slick Sleuth provides instant detection and notification, enabling users to contain the spill and avoid environmental damage, costly cleanup, fines, and regulatory penalties. 


The Slick Sleuth SS300-EXd is designed for installation in rugged settings such as over sumps and separators, weirs, storm water and process water sewers, outfalls, discharges, and retention ponds. The SS320-EXd is designed for longer range installation on deep-sumps, terminal piers, and offshore structures. 


The patented, non-contact, scanning optics and detection system provide highly-sensitive detection capability. User-adjustable alarm thresholds can be set to detect small (micron-level) sheens and oil slick events. Slick Sleuth’s output signals can be used to activate local and remote alarms, as inputs to central monitoring and control systems (SCADA, PLC, etc.), actuate valves, shut off pumps, and initiate other corrective measures.

Slick Guard Monitoring System

Slick Guard Oil Detection Oil Detection  System is an integrated turnkey, environmental monitoring system. The Slick Guard is a rugged and stable system designed to be moored offshore or wherever a floating oil spill monitoring station is needed. Typical deployments include points around the intakes of power production and desalination plants, at the mouth of industrial discharge channels, and fish farms and environmentally sensitive areas.

Slick Guard includes:

  • Slick Sleuth oil detection and alarm

  • Solar DC power unit

  • Remote wireless telemetry unit

  • Ruggedized dual-hull flotation platform

  • Secure web-based user interface

The Slick Sleuth® Rig Guard™ is designed for use on offshore platforms and rigs and offers proven optical technology for real-time monitoring and alert of oil leaks and spills in offshore environments. Each platform-based system consists of one to four oil spill detectors, housed in explosion-proof, submergible enclosures, that are fully integrated with wireless communication for real-time alerts and remote system command/control. The system is non-contact; thus, it requires minimal maintenance and no operational expense. The mounting range can vary from near-surface, up to maximum 8 meters above sea surface.

The Rig Guard system is optimized for detection of crude oil, as well as diesel, lube oil, and slop oil, all of which may be a concern in the offshore environment. The patented non-contact Slick Sleuth scanning optics and detection processor allows users to easily adjust settings for site-specific sensitivity levels, so spills of any size can be identified before significant damage occurs, Detection of spills above the user-selected threshold triggers automated user-defined response such as local audio/visual alert and remote alarm notification to control room SCADA or PLC.

This system is now offered as an all-inclusive oil spill monitoring service for a single, cost-effective, monthly rate.

The Rig Guard oil spill detection system is meant to deliver significant cost savings and environmental safety benefits to offshore operators with its reliable all weather, around the clock, non-contact, low maintenance monitoring capability.

Rig Guard System and Service

Slick Seuth Systems by InterOcean Systems LLC

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