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Manufacturers - Winch Systems by InterOcean Systems LLC

2021 New to KRK

Modern oceanographic research is complex and the costs of operating marine survey and research vessels are escalating rapidly. Therefore, research instrumentation and ancillary equipment must be carefully selected to be applicable to as wide a variety of tasks as possible and to accomplish these tasks quickly with high reliability.

In keeping with this philosophy, InterOcean Systems designs and manufactures a variety of standard and custom-designed wire rope and instrument cable winches for multiple applications. These include hydrographic requirements for water sampling, CTD, sound velocity profiling, biological trawl nets; geophysical requirements including towed side-scan sonar, sub-bottom profilers, magnetometers, sediment coring; and instrument deployments. InterOcean winch models fill many needs from portable light-duty small boat operations to heavy-duty deepwater marine applications. Choosing one of our standard models as a baseline design has many advantages.

Our application engineers may be consulted and modifications made to standard designs, or a special winch may be proposed. InterOcean Systems is a unique resource for both standard and custom winch engineering design and manufacturing. To provide the most efficient solution, engineering and design costs are kept to a minimum by using standard components and sub-assemblies as much as possible, and extensive use of 2D and 3D CAD systems. You don’t have to pay a premium price for a winch uniquely configured and engineered for your specific needs.


Having engineered and manufactured state-of-the-art winches for over forty years, InterOcean standard models
and custom winch designs have earned a reputation for long and useful lives. Using a conservative design process, comprehensive quality guidelines, and proven manufacturing techniques allow us to provide the most reliable, robust, and easy to maintain systems that give long-term value to our customers.


In today’s environment of quality, safety and multi-purpose utility, our customers are assured that an InterOcean solution will repay them many times over in convenience, safety, and efficiency. An applications engineer can provide technical details and assistance in selecting the proper winch for the job and offer consultation for a standard or custom winch proposal.

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