Providing Autonomous Systems for Environmental Measurements in Coastal and Ocean Regions

KRK Consultants Ltd, is a manufacturer's rep company for six oceanographic manufacturers who are the leaders of products in these fields.  We also offer consulting sales and marketing support to a select group of companies. 

Ocean Sonics low-noise digital hydrophones

InterOcean Systems Slick Sleuth oil detection systems

Exocetus Autonomous Systems underwater gliders

Metocean Telematics autonomous buoy systems

DragonFish Mg.  rubber molded connector

Rowe Technologies ADCPs

Our sales territory is the mid-Atlantic region of the US and includes: DE, MD, VA, NJ, PA, DC and the metropolitan New York City area.

KRK Consultants Ltd  is a company providing on-site consulting in coastal and ocean regions, using autonomous systems for environmental measurements, including PAM [Passive Acoustic Measurement].  KRK, with their underwater acoustic expertise is able to help clients with measurements and analyses needed for infrastructural improvements in inland waterways.

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